Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries

In a nation where the rich get richer and the lesser fortunate, poorer, Nilesh had a tough time to rise from the utter poverty of his childhood days to be a part of the middle-class multitude of India.

He distinctly remembers the cruelty one is subjected to if s/he is born to poor parents. There were days when they were lucky to have two square meals in the day, and extremely fortunate if a year passed by with no one getting terribly sick.

Resolute to change his economic condition, Nilesh worked very hard right from a very young age. During the day, he would help his father in doing odd jobs or just roam about foraging for food. But as the night would converge, and the bone-weary members of his family drifted in fitful slumber, Nilesh would rush to the night school run by an NGO. He studied hard, begged and borrowed for college fee and cleared a tough banking examination to finally bid adieu to poverty.

A sincere worker, Nilesh excelled at his job and got his due promotions, too. However, since in the government-owned bank he worked, higher promotions were based on a combination of sincerity and seniority, Nilesh could expect senior roles only towards the end of his career. This meant that after twenty-odd years in the bank, Nilesh’s salary was always only a little more than the rising household expenditures. Yet, he broke a class barrier and was leading a relatively comfortable life, and was grateful for it, too.

But a question would persistently rake his mind, “How would it feel to be rich?”

A brooding man, Nilesh constantly thought of ways to provide for a better, more comfortable life for his son, Aryan, who had just passed high-school with flying colours.

Of course, education was one way of hoping for a promising corporate career and the subsequent perks that Aryan could enjoy in future – but what if things didn’t go as expected? What if Aryan fails to get admission in a premier college? What if the economy goes into recession?

There were several fearful questions swarming in Nilesh’s mind. The most fearful being, “Would Aryan never be able to break the class boundary and live a life of abundance?”

Luckily for Nilesh, his unsettling questions were adequately answered by a leading financial expert who was called by the bank for a talk on financial awareness.

The financial expert showed Nilesh and his colleagues a brilliant way of creating wealth out of small, regular investments in mutual funds over a long period. Nilesh could not believe his eyes when the expert revealed growth charts showing tiny investments (as low as INR 500 per month) turning into portfolios worth lakhs of rupees over a decade.

As the session ended, Nilesh rushed to the expert and requested a meeting with him, which the latter gladly granted.

At the appointed hour, Nilesh, along with his wife, Sujata, met the financial expert in his office.

After listening to Nilesh’s life story, and his burning questions about ensuring a life of abundance for Aryan, the financial expert assured him that all his worries can be easily put to an end by doing simple things. He gave Nilesh and Sujata the following golden mantras:

  • Small, consistent investments make a big difference. Anyone can break his or her financial boundaries and get rich in his/her lifetime.
  • Time is money. If little sums of money are invested regularly in the market through SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) in mutual funds for over a decade, huge wealth can be created; thanks to the power of compounding in mutual funds.
  • Invest before spending as this would put a cap on unnecessary spending.
  • Teach your kid to be financially disciplined so that they could distinguish between needs and wants.
  • Buy adequate life insurance as well as get Mediclaim to protect your precious savings and investments.

By the end of the hour, and with the help of the expert’s guidance, Nilesh started a SIP in Aryan’s name with an intent to keep increasing the SIP amount in accordance to his salary growth.

As he thanked the financial expert for his valuable time and advice, and promised to keep meeting him to discuss his financial goals and investment plans, Nilesh felt as if a big boulder is taken off his chest. He was resolute once again to break the class boundaries, ensuring that his son, Aryan, would live a financially independent life full of riches; a life that eluded Nilesh thus far.

Navemarg Financial Consultants and Dr. Celso Fernandes, Goa’s Financial Doctor and author of several successful books including ‘Who Says Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees’, are Goa’s financial literacy crusaders. Dr. Celso and his team are teaching the Goan Youth and parents to be financially aware and disciplined. Follow updates on free seminars and other news at and



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