Mint it Like Joshua Vaz!


Studies vs Sports has always been a topic of debate between parents and their children, with Sports losing to Studies, almost always.

Well, parents are concerned that if their children pursue sports, they would not be able to make a good living as inspite of years of hard work, only a few players, in any sport, steel the limelight.

But parents may take a leaf from the young football icon, Joshua Stan Vaz, who not just chose football as his career – a professional football and futsal player, he is also the General Secretary and a Coach at Youth Futsal Academy, Goa – but also built his first million bucks by the time he turned 25!

Putting an end to the entire controversy over Sports vs Studying, Joshua is showing others the way to be financially secure and follow one’s dreams.

But how did Joshua earn his million bucks while shooting the ball in the net?

Well, he adopted financial literacy.

In other words, at a young age, Joshua learnt the trick of creating substantial wealth – investing small sums of money consistently.

“My journey to wealth creation started at the age of twenty-one in December 2011. I knew nothing about finances and wasn’t interested much in the topic, either,” shares Joshua who, like other boys of his age, was not interested in the matters of finance.

But three years later, Joshua attended a seminar by Dr. Celso Fernandes and a whole new world of possibilities opened for him. Just after the seminar, Joshua chalked out his financial goal.

“I began investing small amounts through SIPs in various different schemes, keeping in mind my financial goal to become a millionaire by 2020,” he shares, “I had this drive and passion inside me that was so strong that I soon became a very aggressive investor.”

Under the guidance of his financial mentor, Joshua kept investing in mutual fund schemes, slightly increasing the SIP amount whenever possible. He also continued dribbling the ball on the soccer field.

In next three years, Joshua’s little money saplings grew to become self-sustaining trees. But he didn’t stop investing. He raised his financial goal to become a crorepati along with his family.

“Today, I, along with my family, have already become millionaires before my goal of 2020. I have crossed the Rs. 50-lakh milestone, and we, as a family, plan on conquering the 1 crore mark we have set for ourselves soon,” Joshua proudly reveals.

The principle of constant investing, couple with the magic of compounding inherent in mutual fund investments, has helped Joshua and his family to realize their goal of attaining financial freedom. He now wants to educate other youngsters on financially securing their future.

“Over the years, I have advised many of my friends and my family to speak about attaining financial freedom to their colleagues. I ask them to share my story to show how starting with a small SIP at a young age can do wonders for you later on in life,” he says.

Like Joshua, Nave Marg Financial Services, too, is working towards creating awareness about financial literacy in the state of Goa – especially amongst school students. The Super Young Achievers Conclave, a Nave Marg initiative, to be held in November this year, is targeted at addressing the students, and parents, on the importance of embracing financial discipline and help them take definite steps towards securing financial independence.

Event Details:

When: 12th November 2017

Where: Main Auditorium, Ravindra Bhavan, Fatorda, Margao

Registration Fee: Rs 300/- for students | Rs 500/- for Others

(Includes Tea, Lunch and free giveaways)