Career, love, destiny, money

Meeta is in a terrible fix. She had been working in a reputed starred hotel in operations from past eight years, and now the monotony of the job is getting on her nerves. Since she was not ready to leave her home town and take up roles of higher responsibility in other locations, Meeta is stuck on a career plateau. She is desperately wishing to make a career in mosaic art installation – a school time passion – but she has no financial cushion that could afford her few months without pay. At 29 years, she is also looking forward to an arranged marriage, and many suitors are asking for her hand in marriage, but she is well aware about the colossal expenditure Indian marriages exact. Always a righteous and prudent girl, Meeta does not want to become a liability on her retired parents, nor does she have any money of her own to put her life back on course. In a quagmire, Meeta is musing, ‘What went wrong?’

Meeta is not the only one who is courting financial distress in her late twenties; there are several others, who had been working in large organizations, drawing good salaries, yet have no savings to meet life expenses or undergo a course to enhance their skills or simply take a sabbatical to satisfy the entrepreneurial bug.

Financial illiteracy breeds financial indiscipline. In our country, where money plays an important role in everybody’s life, surprisingly, only a few seriously plan for it. And those who plan their finances never forget to inculcate financial discipline in their children from an early age.

Had someone advised Meeta to save small sums of money (as little as INR 500 per month) from the time she turned 16 years, increasing the investment amount little by little each year, until the time she invested 30% of what she earned, she would have easily became a millionaire by the time she turned 29 years, and this huge corpus of money could have taken care of her career as well as personal life goals.

While it is never too late to start investing in mutual funds, investors who stay in the market for the longest duration stand to earn the maximum returns, thanks to the principles of compounding. This is why it is very important to inspire young teens to build a habit of investing regularly.

Dr. Celso Fernandes, author of two phenomenally successful books on gaining financial independence and creating wealth, is determined to change the situation through relentless education sessions to  young students about the benefits of investing from an early age. Check out to read interesting blogs and wealth creation stories as well as to get updates about free workshops / seminars and other insights. Happy investing.


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