Who needs a financial advisor?


Who needs a financial advisor? Definitely, not you! You know all about investments – it is as simple as surfing on the net and finding info, followed by filling up a couple of forms, isn’t it?

Financial Advisor_20160520.png

Well, it isn’t…

The Internet is flooded with advice but do you have the expertise to judge what will work for you?

In case you have a leaking tap or a fused wire, don’t you always call a plumber or an electrician, respectively? Hiring a professional, more often than not, saves time as well as money. Then why not let a financial expert help you manage your money?

Here are 3 signs you need a financial advisor:

  1. Just started working – In case you have recently jump-started your career, you are reading this blog at the most opportune time. Starting early can give you the freedom to invest in diverse asset classes and the opportunity to develop financial discipline, right from the start.

Do you know that investing up to INR 5500 per month in an SIP can give you a return of up to one crore in 20 years (estimated at an interest rate of 12%)?

At Navemarg, Dr. Celso advises his young clients to stick to his magic formula to grow their very own wealth producing ‘money plant’ at an early age.

  1. Getting married – As you await the joyous day to tie the knot with your beloved partner, you must also plan finances wisely so that money doesn’t come in the way of love, ever. Are you both planning to continue working? Is one of you going to stay at home to take care of the family? Do you plan to buy a car, a house or take a holiday (or all three) in the coming future?

Sit down and think of your goals and divide them into short term, medium term and long term. A financial advisor can advise you on the right financial products to meet all your financial goals in time.

It is also important to insure yourself and your possessions to ensure a comfortable life for your partner (and children) in case of any misfortune. A financial advisor can help you decide the right cover and insurance product for you.

  1. Planning for Retirement – First things first, whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s or beyond, if you already aren’t, it is time to start planning for your retirement.

Your retirement fund must be separate from what you save for your dream car, first house or your child’s education or marriage. This is what is going to keep you going in your golden years, so it is important to invest wisely now to reap comfortable returns in the future.

Debt, equity, mutual funds – it is a confusing panorama of financial products to choose from. Don’t let that deter you. Get in touch with a reputed and licensed financial advisor such as Dr. Celso at Navemarg, to ensure a safe and comfortable future.