Living a luxurious life is a dream shared by many, but very few people actually plan for it.

Navemarg, led by Dr. Celso – a dentist of repute and an astute financial expert, is a firm engaged in providing sound financial advice to Goans through personal consultations, speeches, training and workshops.

Dr. Celso believes in making your money grow for you. He offers his advice to build portfolios that are risk-free and tailored to your financial and personal goals.


Investing in mutual funds without adequate knowledge can be tricky. Avoid the pitfalls by understanding your investments better with Nave Marg.

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  1. hello Dr Celso , i would like to invest in the Mutual funds .i heard ur speach while i had come to do my wedding Course. so i would like to go in more details in the mutual funds and will invest in these types of funds.


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